Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Heyy :)
I really don't get why no one can keep their 'New Years Resolutions'? And I mean no one, I told myself I will stop cracking my knuckles, two days later: 'Pop!' I also told myself I will learn how to skateboard (hahaha I've said that soo many times) firstly I don't even have a skateboard, and i should probably focus on my guitar more... And I need some confidence (that's why I don't like ice skating :p) but I still have another 11 months haha. But, on a different random subject, (how did you guess I was going to do that?) I officially love StumbleUpon, you put all your interests into it, then press 'Stumble' and you go onto crazy corners of the web, I love it, it's almost as random as me!
So that's everything that I can think of today, (I'm really slow on holidays)
Buh byee!
Mia xoxo

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