Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sorry for not posting :p

Heyy :)
Sorry I haven't posted for years (more like weeks but anyway) I just wanted to say hi to my 0 followers, and that I'll be posting again now that I got a new charger for my computer. The only bad thing about getting a new charger is that I'll be WAY more tempted to stop my homework and start to play.... Oh well :p
Anyway, I'm sorta neglecting my cousin, so I'll posted later :)
Buh byee,
Mia xoxo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Saying hi

Heyy :)
I just wanted to say hi to my best friends...
(I won't write their whole names)
And my other good friends...
Yes, probably the most boring post yet, but I just felt like it :p
Buh byee,
Mia xox
Heyy :)
I really don't get why no one can keep their 'New Years Resolutions'? And I mean no one, I told myself I will stop cracking my knuckles, two days later: 'Pop!' I also told myself I will learn how to skateboard (hahaha I've said that soo many times) firstly I don't even have a skateboard, and i should probably focus on my guitar more... And I need some confidence (that's why I don't like ice skating :p) but I still have another 11 months haha. But, on a different random subject, (how did you guess I was going to do that?) I officially love StumbleUpon, you put all your interests into it, then press 'Stumble' and you go onto crazy corners of the web, I love it, it's almost as random as me!
So that's everything that I can think of today, (I'm really slow on holidays)
Buh byee!
Mia xoxo

Monday, 9 January 2012


Heyy :)
Have you ever met anyone who just, well annoys you? (siblings not included)
Or more than one, a whole family (not your own)
Is it not for any particular reason?
Well I'm really curious to know, not necessarily who but what they do to annoy you (their first names are fine, so you can vent :p) Yes, very random there is an annoying person for everyone, I'm sure I've annoyed many people (sorry Mrs. B).
Sooo yeah, post comments :)
Mia xoxo
I really don't know why I called this blog watermelons and smiles, I was just addicted to watermelons at that time and, well smiling is just my thing.
Anyway, on a less random subject, is Facebook really that good? I mean I know people are addicted, but I reeeeally wanted it before but when I really look at it it's just people gossiping to each other? So not worth it (sorry fb lovers) I definitely prefer Skype chat now that some of my good friends are on there. But, it is 10:40pm and I can feel my eyes automatically shutting on me, so goodnight :)
Mia xoxo

Friday, 16 December 2011


Okay, so it's my thirteenth birthday today, but oddly enough I'm just not excited? I mean I'm going out to a theme park with three of my best friends in like two hours, but I feel nothing. *sigh* I might get more excited later... Oh I can wear my new shirt, and bracelet... Okay I'm excited, yaaaay!
See ya guys :p
Mia Rose

Monday, 12 December 2011


I just HAVE to share my pain with anyone who reads this. Well, you all know of the wonderful, fantastic, amazing etc. etc. Coca Cola right??
Well, thanks to the creation of braces, I am no longer allowed to enjoy it!!! Yeah, I'm jealous of those of you, going
around enjoying your Cokes *sigh*
Anyway, that's the end of my tangent I am just interested to know if there are any other good food and drinks that are okay for (horrible) braces!
Posting soon,
Mia Rose